Melange Eternity BandMelange Eternity Band

Melange Eternity Band

Rs. 2,490
Elliptical Snowy Eternity BandElliptical Snowy Eternity Band

Elliptical Snowy Eternity Band

Rs. 2,190
Crystal Affair BangleCrystal Affair Bangle
On sale

Crystal Affair Bangle

Rs. 3,799 Rs. 3,999
Misty Solitaire Prelude Set (With Chain)Misty Solitaire Prelude Set (With Chain)
On sale

Misty Solitaire Prelude Set (With Chain)

Rs. 3,999 Rs. 5,799
Scarlet Double Halo SetScarlet Double Halo Set

Scarlet Double Halo Set

Rs. 4,999
The Distance BangleThe Distance Bangle
On sale

The Distance Bangle

Rs. 3,499 Rs. 4,999
Enchanted Vine Set (With Chain)Enchanted Vine Set (With Chain)
On sale

Enchanted Vine Set (With Chain)

Rs. 5,249 Rs. 6,999
Flower Tendril Set (With Chain)Flower Tendril Set (With Chain)
On sale

Flower Tendril Set (With Chain)

Rs. 3,449 Rs. 4,599
Round Bead Tennis BraceletRound Bead Tennis Bracelet

Round Bead Tennis Bracelet

Rs. 4,590
Quad Zirconia Chain BraceletQuad Zirconia Chain Bracelet

Quad Zirconia Chain Bracelet

Rs. 2,490
Round Ruby Set (With Chain)Round Ruby Set (With Chain)

Round Ruby Set (With Chain)

Rs. 2,990
Halo Miracle Set (With Chain)Halo Miracle Set (With Chain)

Halo Miracle Set (With Chain)

Rs. 2,990
Timeless Ruby Set (With Chain)Timeless Ruby Set (With Chain)

Timeless Ruby Set (With Chain)

Rs. 2,990
Emerald Stone Set (With Chain)Emerald Stone Set (With Chain)
Sold out

Emerald Stone Set (With Chain)

Rs. 2,890
Vintage Gem Set (With Chain)Vintage Gem Set (With Chain)

Vintage Gem Set (With Chain)

Rs. 2,990
Elegant Emerald Set (With Chain)Elegant Emerald Set (With Chain)
Sold out

Elegant Emerald Set (With Chain)

Rs. 2,890
Elegance Ruby Set (With Chain)Elegance Ruby Set (With Chain)

Elegance Ruby Set (With Chain)

Rs. 2,990
Bead Link BraceletBead Link Bracelet
Sold out

Bead Link Bracelet

Rs. 4,199 Rs. 4,490
Classic Nail BraceletClassic Nail Bracelet
On sale

Classic Nail Bracelet

Rs. 3,490 Rs. 3,990

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