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5 Must have jewelry every girl should have


Women have always adorned their eternal love for jewelry. For women, an outfit isn’t complete without wearing a piece of jewelry as it works like ‘icing on the cake’. Be it a casual outing or a professional gathering, wearing a piece of accessories will definitely enhance the look.

From timeless to trendy, classic to chic, here are some must-haves jewelry pieces.


  1. Timeless chain pendants –nothing looks sexier than a thin classy chain complimenting collarbones with a lovely classy pendant. It looks minimal yet so stylish. The pendant in chains gives a very subtle and classy appearance to an outfit. Different styling can be done with the respective outfits such as combining the different sizes of chains to create layers.
  2. Studs –to own a pair of stud earring is a basic accessory a woman should have. Any stud can rock the look be it diamond, pearl, or any other stone. Wearing a diamond earring will give a sophisticated appearance whereas, a pearl stud will look casual and cool.
  3. Stack of rings- having a good range of rings is essential for you to embrace. You can flaunt your fingers beautifully by picking up the best simple rings. For casual outings, pick tiny and classy rings, and for lavish parties go for statement rings.
  4. Hoop earrings- a pair of hoop earrings are timeless. You can pair the lovely earrings with any look. Whether it is casual denim or a short cocktail dress or a formal shirt, hoop earring goes with every look. It is said that the hoop earrings never go out of style.
  5. Statement jewelry– statement jewelry is a unique type of jewelry that a person owns depending on her taste. The particular piece of jewelry depicts the taste and the personality of the person. Almost all times, a statement piece is eye-catchy and unique. One must have a standout piece for special occasions.



I hope you find this article useful and upgrade your wardrobe with the above mentioned ‘must-haves’. In case if you don’t have some of the basic accessories, you’ve come to the right place. Pick the best of your taste and style it in your way.


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